Save the Date! The National Afro-Vegan Virtual Conference Is Coming July 25

Get ready: The National Afro-Vegan Virtual Conference is slated for Saturday, July 25! The free online event will feature guest speakers, plant-based chefs, and even a virtual yoga class. Attendees can expect cooking demonstrations, medical and nutrition advice, and information on how eating plant-based food can help tackle some of the global challenges we currently face.

Listen to engaging keynote speakers nutritionist and author Tracye McQuirter; food justice activist Brenda Sanders; and Naijha Wright-Brown, executive director of the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland and co-owner of vegan soul-food restaurant The Land of Kush. And hear from critical-care physician Dr. Milton Mills, actor and restaurant-trained chef Ayinde Howell, Afro-Vegan Society marketing director Jamila Anahata, and so many more inspiring voices.

The event is hosted by Afro-Vegan Society, a nonprofit organization offering resources and support to people who may not have access to information on plant-based eating. The group’s website reads:
Afro-Vegan Society is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to provide resources and support to help people in marginalized communities transition to vegan living.
Besides the conference, Afro-Vegan Society has an ongoing speaker series featuring experts on everything from medicine and nutrition to food and environmental justice. The society also offers a Dump Dairy workshop, with education sessions, cooking demonstrations, and more.

A 2016 Pew Research Center survey found that while 3 percent of American adults overall identified as vegan, the number jumped to 8 percent among Black American adults. The Washington Post recently discussed how a growing number of hip-hop artists were expanding the plant-based movement.


Before these contemporary influencers, however, actor and pioneering activist for human and civil rights Dick Gregory highlighted the connection between the philosophy of nonviolence in the civil rights movement and the food choices we make. In fact, many leaders in the Black American community have shared the importance of plant-based eating, including Dexter King, Angela Davis, Erykah Badu, and Carl Lewis.

Listen to brilliant speakers, enjoy exciting cooking demonstrations, and get plant-based parenting advice and so much more at the National Afro-Vegan Virtual Conference! Register here.
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